Haim Goldenberg is one of the world’s most respected mentalists,

a Canadian TV star and live corporate entertainer.

If you think you’ve seen mind-reading before, you’re in for a mental surprise.

His television show GoldMind continues to inspire, amaze and entertain viewers all over the world.


Haim Goldenberg took his first dip into the waters of mental experimentation when he was only six years old – and has never looked back. Creating and perfecting his own original skills for many years, today Goldenberg is known internationally for combining the intensity of mentalism with his trademark easy-going humor and charm.
Goldenberg is considered to be one of the major authorities on the subject of the human mind and is highly regarded by fellow mentalists. He travels around the world lecturing other professional mentalists, consulting and teaching new techniques in this field.
Goldenberg doesn’t claim to possess supernatural or psychic powers; he claims that the powers that he uses are the same powers that are inside each and every one of us – we simply need to believe and trust in them!
Goldenberg’s aim is to instill hope and inspiration in his subjects. Haim Goldenberg’s show GoldMind inspired, amazed and entertained viewers all over Canada. In 2009 it received the highest recognition it could hope for and was nominated for two Gemini Awards. Goldenberg is currently working on a new show.




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Canada’s top mentalist and corporate entertainer, Haim Goldenberg, has a unique ability to deliver a mind-blowing show filled with humor and inspiration. Never condescending, always in conversation with his audience, he takes them on a journey beyond the boundaries of their minds.

This jam packed show will definitely spark a conversation among your guests; with constant audience participation, mind games and laughter this will be an evening to remember.

Haim Goldenberg has wowed people worldwide; whether on Stage or on TV, he’ll surely surprise YOU!

GoldMind is a 13 episode television series hosted by Haim Goldenberg. GoldMind is a treasure trove of heart and mind-bending experiences that leaves you asking, "how did he do that?
” This highly entertaining, half-hour television series explores the mysterious connection mentalist Haim Goldenberg has with ordinary people. Each fast-paced episode features a series of extraordinary experiences, each more unbelievable, inspiring and captivating than the last. Themes include fears and phobias, intuition, relationships, memory, and more.


Haim is currently hard at work on a new and exciting TV series. Keep checking in as we post more details!

Congratulations to Haim and the show’s dedicated team for being nominated for two Gemini Awards (Best Reality Program or Series, Best Director).


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Haim Goldenberg 's "Intuitive Team-Building" is a result-oriented workshop that is mind-blowing. your team will be stronger, motivated and even more creative by the end of it.



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