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Haim Goldenberg 's -Intuitive Team-Building is

a result-oriented workshop that is mind-blowing;

your team will be stronger, motivated and even more creative by the end of it.

Haim Goldenberg introduces a series of Intuitive Team-Building Presentations, Lectures & Workshops. Bundle them together or book each of them separately, the result will be mind-blowing; your team will be stronger, more motivated and, more creative by the end of it.

Haim Goldenberg is a world-renowned mentalist, seasoned corporate entertainer and a TV personality (his show “GoldMind” is currently airing in 23 countries). With over a decade of experience, his presentation is always considered enlightening, motivating as he pushes people to think outside of the box. No matter what platform Haim is operating from – presentation, lecture or workshop – the audience always feels like an active participant. Haim takes all on journey in rediscovering their potential.



Examples of core themes provided below in a humorous, relaxed and entertaining manner:

Cognitive Clarity (thinking clearly, simplicity)

Neuro-linguistic programming (body language and the conscious, unconscious signals being sent to internal and external stakeholders)

Motivation & Energizing Employees

Relaying Important Information and Corporate Messaging to the target audience with a combination of mentalism skills (e.g.: communication of important assets like logos, taglines and other key messages appealing to the audience’s conscious and subconscious mental make up)
















The appropriate theme and methods that Haim offers, is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual or company.

This is a very in-depth, detail-oriented activity that may take up to four hours.

Ideal for corporate retreats or Senior Management professional development workshops.

For further information, or to set up a discovery meeting to discuss your individual or corporate needs, please contact:

Miriam Milashut, 416.845.4959 or mmilashut@gmail.com

Team Building


On stage, theatre seating presentation that showcases Haim’s uncanny ability to manipulate the human mind, in a respectful, humorous and engaging manner.




In the lecture series, Haim explains his abilities and how the participants can apply it in their daily lives and workplace. This series also includes demonstrations and practical examples. The lecture can focus on any one the topics mentioned above in the ‘examples’ outline.



The workshop is a combination of all of the above, followed by hands-on techniques that will enhance and benefit the participant’s productivity, creativity and motivation in the workplace. The participants will learn and practice a few specific methods.